Display your online Skype contacts in Conky

I wrote a simple Python script which dumps the name of your online Skype contacts into a text file. This text file can be displayed by Conky.

First install Skype4Py (or: ).

The Python script itself dumps your online contacts which doesn't appear in the 'Whatnot' contact group into /tmp/.${USER}-skype in every minute and at every status change of your contacts.
It displays a system notification for incoming messages and status changes for users in the contact group called 'WatchOut' as well, substituting the proprietary Skype notification window.


There's a little shell script which integrates the Python script with Conky. If the file containing your Skype contacts is younger than 3 minutes, it writes out the file's content to the standard output otherwise gives report on skype_online.py availibility.


This can be included in your .conkyrc, like this:
Online Skype contacts:
${color ffffff}${exec skype_online_check.sh}