Xerox Phaser-3117 vs. Ubuntu (Linux)

Important note: under Ubuntu Dapper (6.06) and above this printer works out of the box with the Samsung ML-1210 driver (which is included in the CUPS package).

By the way: these Phaser series printers seem to be repackaged Samsung printers.

Install the driver as said in the README file of the driver CD. Don't install CUPS (i think it's better to use the one provided by your distro) and the GNOME/KDE icons, and if you are narrow about your system filesystem hieralchy and cleanliness set install path to /usr/lib/linuxprinter, and set binary path to /usr/lib/linuxprinter/bin (don't forget to create it): in my point of view the installed CUPS frontend applications are useless and confusing for the ordinary user.

Copy the proprietary Xerox (Samsung heh ;)) filters to the CUPS directory.

cp /usr/lib/linuxprinter/filters/* /usr/lib/filter

Copy the driver data files, fonts and charsets to /usr/share/cups directory.

cp /media/cdrom/data/* /usr/share/cups/data (not recursively!)
cp /media/cdrom/data/fonts/*  /usr/share/cups/fonts
cp /media/cdrom/data/charsets/*  /usr/share/cups/charsets

Of course, you can create a backup copy of the original directories.

Start gnome-cups-manager (System/Administration/Printing), the printer should be automatically detected as Xerox-Phaser-3117. In the Driver section select Install Driver..., select.


Edit /etc/linuxprint.cfg:

<?xml version="1.0"?>
<linux root="/usr/lib/linuxprinter" system="cups">
  <option name="ghostscript" value="/usr/bin/gs"/>
  <printer ppd="ppd/C/Phaser-3117.ppd" queue="Xerox-Phaser-3117">
    <option name="Resolution" value="600"/>
    <option name="Duplex" value="None"/>
    <option name="PageSize" value="A4"/>
    <option name="InputSlot" value="AUTO"/>
    <option name="MediaType" value="Normal"/>
    <option name="JCLJamrecovery" value="RWJOff"/>

Restart cups:

sudo /etc/init.d/cupsys restart

If anything fails try to increase the loglevel in:


and watch out for the logs in: